Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Heavy planets, soda and we must obey...

Theres been some buzz about us in a few blogs recently so thought i'd close 2011 with a wee rundown of what's been happening over the past few months.

Today Heavy planet posted a wee feature about us and the EP, if yer not familiar with the heavy planet site, def check it out, there's vast coverage of stoner/doom/sludge... with interviews and reviews.

Another great resource for everything downtuned and slow paced is the soda shop. Operating out of Michigan, it casts an american viewpoint on all things heavy. They recently posted a review of 'Shadows of the Titan':

"The music is thick. It’s heavy and it’s one of those albums where you’ll find yourself headbanging without realizing it."

Back on our side of the Atlantic and south of the border We Must Obey is a blog "dedicated to all things heavy, groovy and generally kick-ass". They recently posted a review of our glaswegian grindcore compatriots Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair and a couple of weeks back posted this feature on us lot:

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