Shadows of the Titan Reviews
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"this mighty trio from Glasgow eschew the frippery and foppery of modern music for something bigger, deeper and darker than most."
The List 4/5

 "Low Sonic Drift weave their psychedelic thrash tapestries around complex song structures and top drawer musicianship."
Planet Fuzz

"A remarkable release from a remarkable band."
The Sleeping Shaman

"'Shadows Of The Titan' is an extremely entertaining and cohesive album with slightly progressive tendencies"
Cosmic Lava

"Low Sonic Drift may be about to put Jock Rock firmly back on the map."

"Shadows of the Titan is a 5-track mini-LP clocking in at a respectable 32 minutes. Awesomely, the opening track is a sprawling 9 minute stoner / thrash / prog epic which lays out the LSD manifesto of complex shifting riffs, grooving heaviness and excellent musicianship. A highly recommended release."

"On the five tracks here, Low Sonic Drift display more imagination, talent and flair than some bands display their entire careers."
Born Again Nihilist